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Strip Poker GamesStrip Poker - Strip Poker Games - Links and information on some of the strip poker games that are out there. Some of them are Bunny Poker & Rebel Poker. We hope to have more of a variety in the near future.

Poker SoftwarePoker Software - Poker software is available as stand alone applications or web based programs. Some versions of poker software are simply games, other titles present themselves as trainers and offer statistical analysis to improve your poker game. Related links included.

All the player need do is visit the bunny poker website (link provided) click "play" and select a bunny. Rules detailed, website link and sample bunnys.

Bunny Poker

Bunny Poker

Bunny strip poker is different to most (particularly older poker software) programs as it is entirely run online without the need for lengthy downloads and installations.

All the player need do is visit the bunny poker website (link provided) click "play" and select a bunny.

Bunny Poker Rules

Each round of poker begins with putting money into the pot.

The player may BET, STAY or DROP.

If you STAY at start the bunny may bet or stay too. If both of you stay, cards will be shuffled again. The money stays in the pot.

If you DROP you quit the round and loose the pot.

If you make a BET you have to choose the amount of money: 5$, 15$ or 25$.

After the first bet you can RAISE. This means you pay the bet of the bunny AND your additional bet into the pot.

This procedure may last until someone STAYS.

Now you are able to select the cards you want to change by clicking on them. Click on DISCARD to get your new cards.

Another round of betting starts until someone STAYS.

The cards will be put on the table and the one with the better hand wins the pot.

Standard concepts of poker hands are used.

The most relevant links we could find, placed here free

Bunnypoker - Best free online strip poker game!. www.bunnypoker.com

Yahoo - Strip Poker games at the Yahoo! Directory - Some sites shown on here may require you to be of a legal age. dir.yahoo.com

Sample Bunnys

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Bunny Poker (Click to enlarge)

Click to enlarge
Bunny Poker (Click to enlarge)

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