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Comprehensive poker information resource. Poker supplies including poker chips, tables, cards and books. Poker variations; Texas Holdem, three card and more. Poker rules; hands, strategy and odds. Online poker, tournaments and poker software.

Poker Card Games

Welcome to
We offer information and links on a variety of poker related topics. Below you will find a brief description of some of things you can find by clicking some of the links located on the right hand-side of the page.

Poker Rules
Rules for just a few of the poker games that are out there.
Information on poker hands. See which hand out does the other hands.
Top 10 points to help improve your strategy in any poker game.
Improve your game by knowing the poker odds. Remember: Time & Patience!
Details on poker tells. There are some points here that may help you determine whether your opponent is bluffing or not, as well as other great tips to concider next time you play.

Online Poker
A list of some of the online poker websites.
Poker room ratings - Don't lose your money on a badly run poker room!
Poker forums. Discuss poker strategy, events, history, games...
Information on some of the more popular online poker sites. Including Empire Poker, Pacific Poker, Party Poker and more!

Video Poker
Information on video poker in general.
Free video poker to help enhance your video poker strategy and skills.
Video poker strategy to improve your game. (Online and casino)

Poker Supplies
Poker chips; If you're opening a casino or just need chips for a friday night.
Poker tables are available in sets with chairs also in a variety of styles.
Poker chip tricks; for entertainment, to intimidate opponents...

Poker Software
Information and links to various poker software.
Bunny Poker, Rebel Poker, Ultimate Poker...

Use the links to the right to find out more

Poker Card Games

Online PokerOnline Poker - Poker has grown into a sporting event, with competitions and tournaments all around the world. Online poker includes real money and play money tournaments/events. Links and information for popular poker websites, forums, listings and much more.

Poker RulesPoker Rules - General Poker Rules and Rules for Texas Holdem, Omaha and Seven-card Stud. All poker hands ranked and detailed. Poker strategy tips, poker odds, poker terms used in rules and popular lierature links.

Video PokerVideo Poker - Video Poker is in essence a machine version of the popular table game of poker and it is about here any similarity ends. Free video poker, casino video poker, video poker strategy, starting guide and much more.

Poker SuppliesSupplies - Information and links to purchase provided for poker supplies including; poker chips, custom poker chips, poker chip tricks, poker tables, poker table tops, poker literature, playing cards, poker sets, poker visors and gifts.

Dogs Playing PokerDogs Playing Poker - Dogs playing poker paintings by Cassius Marcellus Coolidge. Includes images and brief information about the artist. Prints and posters links.

Poker PlayersPoker Players - Poker players; which consists of a range of the professional poker players and some of the european poker players. Most of the individual poker player pages have a biography on that player and info on their tournament winnings.

Poker BooksBooks - There are quite a few poker books out there now, and I'm sure quite a few more to come. There are quite a few poker books out by various professional poker players. Omaha poker books, Howard Lederer poker books and a lot more.

Poker SoftwarePoker Software - Poker software is available as stand alone applications or web based programs. Some versions of poker software are simply games, other titles present themselves as trainers and offer statistical analysis to improve your poker game. Related links included.

Tournaments - Three of the hottest tournaments in poker are the World Series Of Poker, the World Poker Challenge and the World Poker Tour Championship. Online dialy tournaments, information and links.

History Of GamblingHistory Of Gambling - According to historical records and archeological evidence, gambling has existed throughout the ages and culture of most civilizations. Gambling artifacts have been recovered from ancient China (2300 B.C.), more information and link to history of poker.

Poker VariationsPoker Variations - Over 130 different poker variations exist and have been documented, with many more variations in use. Rules for the most popular poker variations. Links for further reading.

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